Dog Breeding Business Plan: Part 2 – Income

In Part 1 of the Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders we looked at the COSTS associated with being a great dog breeder.  Now let’s look at dog breeding INCOME.

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So now it’s time to look at your INCOME.  What sort of income is an ethical, responsible dog breeder likely to make?  And can it be a profitable enterprise?

Income* =  Number of Puppies Sold X $ Price Per Puppy

[*In our Ultimate Business Plan scenario the breeder doesn’t own their own stud dog. So all income will be from puppy sales alone. Of course if you have desirable male dogs at stud, you should also include stud fee income].

Effect of Puppy $ PRICE on Profitability

If you do a little market research you will discover that the selling price of puppies sold as pets can vary wildly!

Essentially the same puppy may fetch 5 times more in one market than another…

So in the Business Plan we consider 3 actual current (as of Dec 2021) US puppy markets.  Then we crunch the numbers to calculate the impact puppy price has on breeders’ total net income.  The differences may surprise you!

Effect of Puppy NUMBERS on Profitability

Some breeders try to increase their income by churning out more puppies. But in this scenario we are assuming the breeder only keeps a small select kennel.
Attempting to increase your income by increasing your breeding raises some self-defeating problems:

  1. Without strong marketing you will be a price taker, not a price maker.  This means you will often have to discount puppies to get them sold.
  2. Producing large numbers will often mean kennelling rather than family-rearing, making your operation less appealing to discerning buyers.
  3. Producing large numbers will give you less time to add value to your puppies, the types of value that increases their performance as a pet, appeal to buyers and sale price.
  4. To produce larger numbers you will need more dogs, which will increase your operating costs.

A far better alternative is to increase the price you get per puppy. That way you can give your puppies more of the kind of attention that makes them highly valuable to pet buyers.  And will only need a handful of dogs to make a nice stay-at-home income.

How to Increase Your PRICE Per Puppy

The price you get for your puppies depends on who you’re selling them to!  There are buyers out there happy to pay a very high price for their puppy, and just as importantly, to wait a very long time for it to arrive.  Such buyers really care and make the best possible owners for your puppies.  But they are after specific value from you, the breeder.  [HINT: it does NOT involve winning dog shows].

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