The Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders: Part 3 – How to WIN!

This is Part 3 (of 3) on The Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders. [Get your copy of the Dog Breeder Business Plan here]
* In Part 1 we looked at the COSTS associated with being a great dog breeder.
* In Part 2 we dissected what had the biggest impact on breeder INCOME and profitability.
* Here in Part 3, we uncover what it takes to sell at the TOP of the market and WIN!

The 3 Types of Buyers

There are 3 types of buyers out there.  Who are they? And what are they looking to get out of dog ownership?

These are important questions!  It turns out, that the more important owning a dog is to them, the more they are willing to pay for the right dog.  Does that make sense?

So if you want to be a profitable breeder you need to be selling to the most discerning, “Elite” buyers.

Who are “Elite” buyers, and what makes them tick?

These are the careful buyers.

If you want to sell to them you must first understand them:

What they want and are willing to pay more for.  And just as importantly wait for.

And it turns out that these are things that improve the companionship value of your puppies, and so enhance the experience of dog ownership.

But adding the right kind of value isn’t enough on its own…  Every week I speak with awesome breeders who are attracting only mediocre prices and owners for their puppies.

The missing part of the puzzle is marketing.  And most breeders are terrible at getting themselves noticed by the right buyers.  But the good news is, it is easy to learn how.

What happens when you learn how to upgrade your marketing to attract the Elites?

The  typical breeder in the US and Canada who joins the Elite Breeder Formula program goes from selling at around $1100 to selling at around $3500 within just a few months.

[Would you like to hear their stories? There are six testimonial videos at the end of the Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders].

In the Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders we crunch the numbers and show how any breeder can make a nice stay-at-home income from just a handful of dogs.  Get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Business Plan for Dog Breeders here.

Want more information on how to attract Elite buyers and give them what they want?

We dive even deeper into how to become an “Elite” level breeder in the FREE 1-hour Marketing for Breeders class.  Grab your spot here.


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