How to Sell a Registered Pup

How to sell a registered pup and still retain some control of its breeding

There may be situations – such as establishing a mutually beneficial breeders’ partnership, or to preserve your bloodlines – where you choose to help someone else set up to breed from registered dogs by supplying them with a registered pup.

However, you may be concerned that your carefully bred pup (from disease-screened parents) may be mated with another dog that hasn’t been so carefully bred.  If problems arise in the pups, then you may find yourself shouldering some of the blame and ruined reputation, since their pedigrees will show your dogs as grandparents.

Another common concern is that you may be “giving away” the considerable investment it took you to source your superior bloodlines e.g. from imported dogs.

One way to prevent this from happening is to offer dual ownership on the registration papers of your pup.  That way, your signature (and thus consent) will be needed to register any future progeny of that puppy, and you can thus exercise some say in what it is mated with.

Some breeders are reluctant to help novices get started as they fear puppy oversupply and competition.  This is understandable in a normal market when you’re doing the same as everyone else to sell your puppies.

However, you will find when you get your marketing right and become an Elite Breeder,  that you will soon be inundated with demand for your high priced puppies.  When that happens, recruiting other breeders – over time – by taking aspiring newbies under your wing is beneficial for all concerned to help you meet the demand.

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