Dog Breeding Business Plan: Part 1 – Costs

If you’re going to have a dog breeding business, you may as well be the best you can be!  But being a great dog breeder isn’t cheap.

So what are the costs and income you are likely to make?  Can you actually make a profit? [Yes, some breeders say that is a dirty word!  And impossible…  But is it really?]

Here we take a closer look at the costs:

If you’d like to know, download the FREE Ultimate Dog Breeding Business Plan here.

We crunch the numbers for 3 dog breeder scenarios in the Ultimate Dog Breeding Business Plan.

What all three have in common is a commitment to delivering the highest quality canine companions money can buy to discerning owners.

Assuming you already have a suitable living situation, the main costs involved include sourcing good dogs and then genetic and clinical testing of parent stock prior to breeding.  Plus of course feeding a high quality diet to your dogs.

The model does not account for income lost when a dog is rejected from the program due to not passing it’s final health checks.  However, that is a very real possibility and should be allowed for.


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