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A dog breeding business needs to be economically sustainable to survive, and financially rewarding to thrive.  dog-breeding-business

Whether you are breeding primarily to win in the show ring, or to finance your kids’ education, the fact is that most of your puppies wind up as someone’s pet.  And though many of us cringe at the label, the selling of puppies is a dog breeding business.  How is yours doing?

Making a profit from dog breeding is a controversial subject.  

And there is a significant subset of breeders who seem to think it is somehow more honorable to suffer financially from dog breeding.  With all the bad press around maligning breeders, especially those who make a profit, this is understandable.

But the fact is that when we breed puppies that become people’s pets we are providing an important and highly valued service to our customers.  And with more than 16 million puppies a year adopted in the US alone, it’s a service that is in hot demand.

The critical question is not should we be breeding puppies, but how good is our dog breeding business at meeting the needs of our customers?

And the needs of our customers are simple.

Owners want and deserve a dog that:

  1. Has a great chance of living a long and healthy life, and…
  2. Has a great chance of having a behavior they can not only live with, but enjoy.

Like it or not, as breeders we have a massive impact on these two factors.  So ethically our dog breeding business should focus on doing everything we can to enhance the experience of owning one of our dogs.

dog breeding business with heart
Dogs are so important.

Breeders out there who breed only to perfect breed standards and win shows have an important role to play in the scheme of things.  We all care about maintaining the breed standards.  But even more important are ethical breeders striving to enhance the companion value of our puppies.  And the reason is simple – what we do (and don’t do) has a huge impact on the lives of dog owners and the welfare of dogs.

How ethical is your dog breeding business?  And are you getting the rewards you deserve?

An Ethical Dog Breeding Business is Naturally Prosperous

So, getting back to the point of this article.

And here it is:  a truly ethical dog breeding business is rewarded handsomely by owners.

Sadly, finding a breeder who cares enough to do everything they can to produce mentally and physically healthy puppies is not easy.   And that’s why well informed, discerning puppy buyers appreciate the extra value and are happy to pay a lot more when they do.

Do you aspire to be recognized as an ethical breeder who really cares about your puppies and their owners? 

Are you passionate about breeding the best canine companions possible, for great homes where they will be treasured for the duration of their long and healthy lives?

How would it feel to grow a reputation for breeding superior canine companions,  with dog owners raving about you constantly and recommending all their friends to go to you and you exclusively?  Wouldn’t that be great?   Breeders in general have been the target of a lot of bad press lately, and it’s not getting better.  We even fight among ourselves on this point… But it doesn’t have to be this way.

How would you like to be able to hold your head up high as a breeder again?  Based on my own decades of ethical dog breeding business experience, I have put together a free course to show you how.  Also backed 100% by the best scientific findings, the Value-Added Breeding program has been designed to optimise the welfare of dogs and their owners – something to be proud of!

Are you sick of competing on price against less caring breeders?

Value-Added Breeding will show you how to breed superior value puppies that owners eagerly pay a lot more for.  That’s because great owners have a really hard time finding great breeders who go the extra mile to provide fabulous, healthy, canine companions.

Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to become recognized as such a breeder and reap the rewards that go with it?  Imagine having a queue of grateful owners, relieved to have found a caring breeder like you and falling over themselves to pay a premium?  And how would it feel to SEND those buyers who chase only the LOWEST priced puppies to your competition and instead attract only the BEST possible homes – and prices – for your fur-kids?

Do you sometimes struggle to find high quality, caring homes for your puppies?

Imagine having a long list of owners who have already committed large deposits, six or even 12 months in advance of your litters?  Wouldn’t that be great?  That’s how it is for me and the same can be so for you.

ethical dog breeding business
Learn how to value add your dog breeding business for free!

Do you sometimes fail to get the litters you were hoping for?

There is nothing more frustrating than missing out on a hoped for litter.  And are those you do get disappointingly small?  Small litters are not only disappointing, but also more likely to end in caesarian.  How would you like to consistently achieve all the litters you ethically desire, with more healthy puppies per litter than average for your breed and enjoy trouble-free whelping to boot? What would that do for your bottom line?

Do you find your dog breeding business overheads over the top?

Though you might currently spend a small fortune on expensive, so-called “primo” commercial diets imagine if you could actually feed your dogs healthier for lots less dosh?  And what about learning how to manage some routine veterinary procedures yourself?  It isn’t rocket science.

Are you open to learning how to add value to your puppies to better meet the needs of your owners?

As shown by many studies, there are heaps of things breeders can do to optimize puppy temperament and long-term health, massively improving their value as people’s treasured companions…

Free Online Course on Value Adding Your Dog Breeding Business

I would love to share with you how I value add my puppies and my dog breeding business.

To find out more enrol for the free dog breeding business Masterclass here.

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