How to Sell Puppies in 2023 : 3 Trends to Watch Out For

Wondering how to sell puppies in 2023? [Grab the Free Training here]. After a ghastly 2022, what does this year have in store for us as breeders? Let’s have a look at the changes to come.

2022 Wrap-Up of Puppy Market

2022 was a pretty hard year for many breeders.  We had the Covid puppy rush that occurred between April 20 and April 21.

Here is a chart showing the demand for puppies by Google searches.

puppy market 2022

You can see that by the beginning of 2022 puppy demand had gone back to roughly normal [pre-Covid] levels. But by the middle of 2022 it had slumped further to just a little bit above half normal levels.

And when we normally see a big spike in demand for puppies leading up to Christmas [as we did in 2018 in the good old days pre-Covid] we didn’t see hardly any spike in demand for puppies for Christmas 2022.  Traveling and other restrictions had been relaxed and people are no longer staying at home as much. Instead, they’ve gone back to work, they’ve been taking long awaited holidays and a lot of the people who were thinking about getting a puppy over the last few years actually got one during the puppy rush. So that’s soaked up a lot of the future demand that we might have been seeing if it hadn’t been for Covid right now.

So what trends impacting are we looking at in the future? And will the tactics widely used to sell puppies that failed in 2022 likely work in 2023?

Will Your Usual How to Sell Puppies Strategy Work OK in 2023?

2023 Forecast for Dog Breeders

There are three trends facing dog breeders in 2023 that I can see.

  1. Recession

Well, the first big one is recession. Some economics gurus are predicting the biggest recession that we’ve ever seen in 2023.  Even the International Monetary Fund is predicting recession in the major economies of the world happening this year.   Prices are going up, with terrible inflation. Banks are raising interest rates to try to dampen it down.

What we’ve got to ask ourself is what is this likely to do to the demand for puppies coming up?

To try to get some idea of that I had a look at what happened to demand for puppies during the global financial crisis [GFC] that occurred from late 2007 until 2009. This is worldwide figures, but it’s pretty much the same pattern in all the major economies.

What we saw during the GFC was surprising: the puppy demand didn’t go down. So that’s good news, isn’t it? During recession, people still want puppies.

how to sell puppies

Towards the end of that period, the demand for puppies actually rose to much higher levels than before the recession. People seem to turn to dogs when things are tough because they give us so many benefits.

Unfortunately we are not likely to see demand rise to pre-Covid levels during 2023 because we’re starting off at just over half the normal demand for the beginning of the current period. But at least we’re not likely to see it fall much further.

I estimate it could be 12 months or more before we see demand for puppies return to the levels they were pre-Covid if we ever see that again.  So if your old how to sell puppies methods left you struggling last year, things are not likely to change much in 2023.

  1. Public Pressure on Dog Ownership

Now the next thing is public pressure on pet ownership over climate.  The United Nations is called for governments and businesses around the world to make climate action a core focus of their business. We’re seeing this rollout around the planet right now. For example, governments like the Netherlands plan to force farmers to slash their emissions by 50% by the year 2030. And what that will mean is a radical reduction in nitrogen fertilizer use and the number of cattle that they keep. The farmers have been up in arms protesting about this.

Other things we’re seeing, in Australia for example, are Government plans to phase out cars powered by fossil fuels like gas and diesel by the year 2035 and replace them with electric cars.

Banks in several countries have introduced a new “climate credit card” and Japan has already rolled this out. Basically the card tracks your personal carbon emissions [and your allowances] to see how you’re going with your carbon footprint. 2023 puppy market

What dog breeders should be aware of is increasing pressure on consumers to reduce the carbon footprint of their pets. The media has started calling on the public to be mindful that pet ownership does have an impact on the planet because of the heavy meat consumption of dogs and cats in particular.

In fact, there’s a claim that are a medium sized dog has a similar impact on climate to owning an S U V vehicle!

You can see in this puppy market report commenting on a CNN article, that they’re calling on people to choose smaller breeds of dogs because the smaller the breed the smaller the ecological impact and the less meat eaten and therefore less carbon emissions.

Regarding how to sell puppies: breeders of the larger breeds could see a steady decline in demand for your puppies over the next few years.  And I think dogs in general may see a reduction in demand.  And cats too.  They’re instead calling for people to go for pets that don’t eat meat like lizards, turtles and rabbits for example.

The other tip offered is to switch meat eating pets to a diet replacing conventional meat with vegan, lab grown meat or insect based food.  Veterinarians have already been brainwashed to believe that commercial vegan diets are good for dogs. And if you want to know more about that, just check out the posts I did on that a few months ago on my Facebook page or on my website.

  1. Possible Tax on Meat

Okay, the third main thing that might affect dog breeders and owners in general is a possible tax on meat.

We already saw that food production around the world was hit pretty hard in 2022. Covid measures disrupted supply chains. The war in the Ukraine has throttled energy and fertilizer flows, which we need for producing meat.  And weird weather also took its toll on crops in many countries. Unfolding climate action could add further pressure to meat supplies.

With all this in mind, the Denmark-based bank Saxo made what they call an “outrageous prediction” that could impact how to sell puppies in 2023.  They predict that meat will be taxed in some countries by the end of the year.

Countries that are most likely to consider the food angle are those that have signed legally binding net-zero carbon emissions targets.  Sweden and Germany, for example, have pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2045 and the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, France, Denmark and some other European countries are aiming for 2050.

So we could see a tax on meat introduced in some countries this year, which might even increase going forward.  Meat could be in short supply anyway and therefore expensive.   This would certainly make it more expensive to keep a dog. And the bigger the dog, the more expensive it would be.

Best Advice on How to Sell Puppies in 2023

To sum up, there’s pressure on dog ownership from climate measures and other impacts.  And that might start to be felt this year and will only escalate from there with little relief in sight.

>>> Making the switch to breed smaller dogs is a logical thing to do at this point. Being forewarned is forearmed.

>>> We’ve entered 2023 with an already depressed puppy market [around half what it was before covid]. And the puppy market is not likely to recover in 2023.  I simply can’t see anything that’s likely to boost even if we have another covid scenario because many people who were considering a dog in the last 2 years would have done it during the Covid puppy rush.

>>> Most breeders will struggle this year. For breeders who struggled in 2022: it’s not going to get any better if you keep trying to sell puppies the old way you’ve been doing! The puppy market will continue to be very competitive for the foreseeable future. Breeders without a sound system for selling their puppies will struggle to both place puppies and sell them at above breakeven figures.

But it’s not going to be like that for every breeder.  If 2022 is anything to go by, things are looking good for Elite Breeders.

Here are recent results of breeders who have learnt how to sell puppies in my Elite Breeder program.

selling puppies

For example, in 2022 Kristy – after following the Elite training on how to sell puppies – quickly filled her waiting list.

She said she had already sold her litter of nine AND her upcoming litter.

She closed her waiting list for now because she’s already overwhelmed with demand for her puppies.






Michelle had three litters recently – 24 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies all up.sell puppies

And she sold them all for $3,500 in the US at the end of 2022 despite the depressed puppy market.

What an AMAZING result!



dog market


Kristi breeds Bostons.  She has succeeded in upping her prices significantly during 2022 despite the market.

And she hasn’t even got her website up yet according to the how to sell puppies training in our program.

So she’s doing very well indeed. And she’s just started the program.




how to sell puppies fast

Rachel who also does Bostons filled up her waiting list very quickly after joining the program. Well done Rachel.







dog breeding market

Jennifer who’s got Aussiedoodles used some Facebook strategies for how to sell puppies taught at the beginning of the program.

This delivered fast and massive exposure for her puppies.

In fact she had over a thousand people look at one particular post in just a day and a half.



What Will 2023 Be Like for YOU?

If you are ready to make 2023 your best year ever, you can!  All you have to do to get started is take the FREE 1-hour online training on How to Sell Puppies in Today’s Market.   There’s nothing for sale on the class and it’s just packed with good information. I know you’re going to find it really useful and you’ll have some actionable steps that you can take straight from doing the class.

Here’s hoping 2023 will be a great one for you! All the best to you and your family and I look forward to helping some of you in the future.


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