How to Sell Leftover Puppies for MORE

Have you got leftover puppies at the moment?


If you’re a breeder in the US with pups right now, then chances are you probably do.  It’s a very saturated market at the moment.

Why?  Because some breeders “over bred”, thinking that conditions in 2021 would be the same as they were last year when we had a “Covid puppy rush”.  [Back then everyone was staying at home and not traveling, homeschooling, et cetera. It was a great time for people to get a puppy].

Now the market has gone back to normal, but there’s a lot more puppies than there normally are.  Until that glut clears, there will be a lot of breeders sitting around with puppies on their hands that have gone past their “use-by-date” of the eight weeks old normal selling age.

Give yourself an edge by adding value

So what can you do about it if you are in this position?

You need to give yourself an edge in the market.

How? By adding more value to your puppies than other breeders are. And one of the best ways to add value to older puppies is to give them some basic training.

Yes, with older puppies, you can actually preserve and even enhance their value while you’re waiting for your buyers to turn up by giving them a little bit of training.

There are buyers out there who are willing to pay a very high price for trained puppies.

But how do you ensure the right buyers know about them?

sell trained puppies

If buyers looking for trained puppies don’t know about you, then you’re not going to be able to sell to them, are you?

Without a good website optimized for those kind of buyers, you are not going to be able to build a wait list of owners like that and it’s not going to be a quick fix for you, sorry ☹.

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A Quick Way to Attract Top Buyers

What I would do for a short-term quicker method, is heavy promotion.

Have someone videoing you while you are training the puppies.  Teach them the basics like sit, stay, come, not biting… things like that.   And while you’re showing the viewer how you are training your puppy and how it’s performing talk through the stuff you’re doing to make your puppy into a better pet.

Make a few videos like that.  Share the best to Facebook groups made up of enthusiasts of your breed.   Put it up there and say, “These puppies are for re-homing.” [Don’t say “for sale” because you could get that knocked off and banned very quickly on Facebook. You’re not allowed to overtly sell there, but you are allowed to re-home].

So I would put the video up as puppies for re-homing, fully trained.

I would also send it to your past buyers, everyone you know, and on your private Facebook page as well. If you have a breeder page on Facebook, put it up there too. [Make sure you upload it separately to Facebook. Don’t just share a link to YouTube].

I would also upload it separately to YouTube because you can often get a lot of views fast with YouTube videos.

So try that, and good luck.

This glut of puppies will pass.  And by training your puppies, you’re going to help them to find great homes and committed owners and not end up in a shelter somewhere.  This way you’ll make them much more adoptable, much more valuable, and if it takes you a little while to actually sell them, it’s just going to make them more valuable, because they’ll get even better trained.

Also don’t forget to socialize them while you’ve got them. Don’t leave them at your house, take them out and about while they’re in their early puppy stage so that they don’t miss out on all important socialization.

How to avoid having leftover puppies ever again!

When you’re ready to build a strong waiting list so you never have to face this situation again watch the free Marketing for Breeders online masterclass.  And then be prepared to invest in yourself and your breeding business so you can breed with confidence, reap the rewards you deserve, and sleep a whole heap better at night knowing your puppies have secure homes waiting for them!


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