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The ultimate aim of Dog Breeding Information is to empower dog breeders to give puppies the best start in life, so they can become valued and successful pets and so that your dog breeding business booms.  Like you we aim to give pups the best start in life so they become valued and successful pets and there is more joy and fewer abandoned dogs in the world, which is always a good thing :).

We make that happen with a FREE Breeder’s Masterclass designed specifically for that purpose.

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As a dog breeder you have massive power in your hands to determine the future health and behavior of your pups.  Both are important – to the long term success of your puppies as people’s pets, and your on-going reputation as a great breeder.  Dog breeding that seizes this power is rewarded with top puppy prices, long waiting lists of committed buyers and the satisfaction of providing real value to owners.

Society needs great dogs and we have dog breeding information and products to help you make that happen

We understand the challenges faced by dog breeders because we’ve been there too.  In this site you will find solutions to many dog breeding problems.  Have an issue?  Chances are veterinarian and dog breeder Dr Meg has written about it here.  Just use the search bar on the right hand side of any page to find a solution.

And when you’re ready to turbo-charge the success of your dog breeding business Dr Meg has courses, products and mentoring available to help you do just that.

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