What Coronavirus Means for Dog Breeders Right Now

With the Coronavirus/Covid19 economic-suicide measures, many dog breeders are putting on the brakes with their breeding programs.

As these measures bite into people’s finances, they anticipate a slow down in demand.

You’d think so wouldn’t you?

But I’m experiencing MORE people joining my puppy waiting list than usual… and no more than the normal low rate leaving the list.

And a really long list already. (Having a long waiting list is great security.)

Being an Elite Dog Breeder puts you in a great place compared to other breeders.

Because we’re great at positioning our puppies as “top of the market” our owners are “top of the market” too.

These top of the market owners are simply switching to working from home, and would love to work from home with a new puppy right now!

And with lots of breeders freaking out and putting the brakes on there won’t be many pups around soon.

So I’m betting on business as usual… or better than usual .

If you’d like to learn how you can position yourself as a “top of the market” dog breeder, watch the FREE Dog Breeder Masterclass to learn how.

It’s all online so you won’t have to go anywhere.

See you on the Masterclass.

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  1. Ivan Hita said:

    Hello i have been attempting to get my order! Seems i inputed the incorrect info how can i fix this

    April 21, 2020

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