Upgrade Sperm Kit with Reusable AI Kit


When you invest in our Dog Sperm Tests Kit, add a few items to make up a Reusable AI Kit for yourself too.



When you invest in our Dog Sperm Tests Kit, add these items to make a Reusable AI Kit for yourself.

Doing a Sperm Test only takes a single drop of semen, and you’ve collected it anyway.  So why not get the goods to inseminate your bitch while you’re at it?  So much easier than all the mucking about that goes on with natural matings!

With the Sperm Tests Kit you already have the DVD that shows you how to collect dog semen.  As a bonus it also shows you how to do your own Canine Artificial Insemination.  Plus with it you also get a semen collection vial, thermometer for setting up your semen water bath, and syringe for transferring the semen.

All you need to complete a Dog AI Kit is in this upgrade:

  • HANDBOOK on how to do Canine Artificial Insemination
  • 2 Sets of disposable gloves
  • KY Jelly lubricant
  • Reusable and Safe Insemination Pipette that suits toy to medium sized bitches.
  • Reusable Insemination Catheter.