3-in-1 Fertility Kit


Have all 3 dog fertility kits at your fingertips: Canine Vaginal Cytology, Sperm Analysis and Artificial Insemination


Have all 3 dog fertility kits at your fingertips:

  • Vaginal Cytology
  • Sperm Analysis
  • Artificial Insemination

You never know when you’ll need them.

DIY Vaginal Cytology Kit for Dogs.

Makes it quick and easy to conduct Vaginal Cytology on your own breeding dogs at home.

In this DELUXE version the standard vaginal cytology microscope supplied is upgraded to a DOG SPERM COUNT TEST MICROSCOPE.  This makes it possible to assess both your bitch’s stage in the dog heat cycle AND your male dog fertility.

The DOG SPERM COUNT TEST MICROSCOPE not only allows you:

  • A much clearer view of your canine vaginal cytology smears than the standard microscope provides.
  • To conduct a dog sperm count test.
  • To assess the motility and appearance of your dog’s sperm and check for abnormalities.
  • Get advance warning of male dog fertility problems before they cause you lost litters (it only takes one drop of semen).

Included in your Vaginal Cytology Kit for Dogs:

      1. Educational Video (provided on a thumbdrive) demonstrating how to use the canine fertility test kit, from collecting from your bitch, to preparing and examining the vaginal smear.

Click to Watch the video here at Youtube channel “Dog Breeding”.

  1. Full Instruction Manual with colour step-by-step photographs to illustrate every part of the Vaginal Cytology procedure, from collecting the sample, making and dying the slide, examining the slide and interpreting what you see on the slide.
  1. Description of Breeding Reflexes you can use to identify the first day of high fertility even without an interested male dog present.
  1. Stained Example Slides Set comprising vaginal smears taken at Estrus and Pro-estrus/Di-estrus in my own dogs to make interpretation easier for you.
  1. Powerful Pocket Microscope
  1. Professional Staining Kit comprising 2 separate staining formulations that should last you for years plus spray bottle for your self-supplied fixative*.
  1. Spare microscope slides, with protective case, to use with samples from your own bitches (they can be reused over and over again).

The proprietary fixative – methanol – is highly flammable and so cannot be posted.  It is also difficult to purchase.  Through trials I have found that acetone (from plain nail polish remover) works great.  Alternatively you can use heat.  All methods are demonstrated on the home canine fertility test kit video and explained here.

Plus all you need for Dog Sperm Analysis and Canine Artificial Insemination:

  • Dog Sperm Test Instruction Manual
  • Instruction VIDEO: How to Collect Semen and
  • How to DIY Artificial Insemination Video
  • Canine Artificial Insemination Instruction Manual
  • Semen collection vial
  • Semen collection sleeves
  • Thermometer for water bath
  • 3 x Insemination tubes to fit most breeds (reusable after cleaning)
  • Insemination syringe (reusable after cleaning)
  • 2 Sets of gloves
  • KY Jelly lubricant


Ships promptly from Australia.  Please allow 5 to 10 working days to arrive.