New Puppy Vaccination Protocol Offers Big Benefits

The new puppy vaccination protocol offers big benefits to puppies and their puppy shots

In a nutshell, after the usual C3 (cover for the basic “big three” in Australia: Parvovirus, Distemper and Hepatitis.  Add Rabies for countries where the disease is endemic) puppy shots done by breeders (at between 6 and 8 weeks old…. the later the better) they only need one more puppy shot given at 10 to 12 weeks using Duramune or Nobivac, new products that – unlike other vaccines – work in the presence of the maternal antibodies puppies get from their mum’s colostrum.

This new puppy vaccination regime has several advantages:

Doing puppy shots this way helps puppies and their owners in many ways.

  • Easier socialization

The puppy is safe to take out in the world one week after Duramune or Nobiva, making the very important socialization during the imprinting period so much easier.

  • Saves money

The vaccine is more expensive, but the owner saves as paying for a third puppy shot is not needed.

  • Heathier for puppies

And, because the number of early shots are fewer, there’s less stress on puppy’s developing immune system so it has a lower risk of developing autoimmune diseases (e.g. Type 1 diabetes) later in life.

  • Fewer vaccines for life

With the new vaccine protocol, after a single booster a year later, your dog only needs revaccinating every three years.

It is possible to also vaccinate against kennel cough at the second puppy shot, as intranasal drops given at the same time as the Duramune or Nobivac vaccine. These also don’t require a booster at the puppy stage. However, in the spirit of minimizing insults to the immature immune system of puppies, I advise owners to skip the Kennel Cough drops unless they plan to board their puppy early in its life. Kennel Cough is a very mild disease in healthy dogs, and they can always have it done later on if the need to board arises.

I am also interested in the use of homeopathic nosodes by breeders in lieu of their first vaccine. If anyone has had any experience with these I would love to hear from you.

Help your owners by educating them about this new puppy vaccination regime.

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