Dog Breeding Advice

Turning on the tap of buyer inquiries, achieving successful matings, attracting the right owners, communicating the value of what you do, and then actually delivering on your promises…

There’s a lot to think about when breeding dogs, especially if you are striving to be better than the rest.       It can get overwhelming.

Problems crop up.  You don’t even know what to Google, and see the same advice on every website.

Animal rights groups – and even other breeders – do their best to put you off.

It’s enough to make you give up!


A 30 or 60 minute personal phone consultation with Dr Meg can answer all your questions.  Dr Meg is the world’s leading expert in helping breeders develop business systems that actually work to:

  • Get your Facebook page or Website to the top of Google (and watch those high quality inquiries start pouring in)
  • Communicate effectively with buyers so that you and your puppies are a magnet to the fussiest owners, and push away the rest
  • Add massive value to your puppies – the kind that matters most to the fussiest owners
  • Generate regular cash-flow and great owners on tap through taking waiting list deposits
  • Improve your puppy supply through ethical mating and breeding management
  • Build your online authority as the top breeder in your niche

Dr Meg’s consultations undeniably work. She helps breeders overcome their obstacles to success and prosperity.

It’s the fastest way to supercharge your results and avoid crushing failure.

Save yourself time and heartbreak by getting instant questions and answers especially for your situation, and your goals.

So Book a Personal Consultation with Dr Meg today

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