Home Vaginal Cytology Kit for Dogs NO MICROSCOPE


Home canine fertility kit that puts successful timing of mating in the hands of all breeders.



DIY Vaginal Cytology Kit for Dogs.dog-heat-cycle

Makes it quick and easy to conduct Vaginal Cytology on your own breeding dogs at home.

This Kit can be used for hundreds of tests simply by cleaning and recycling the glass slides provided.

Accurately tells you when your bitch has moved from pro-estrus to estrus.

What this Canine Vaginal Cytology Kit can do for you.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare a vaginal smear of your bitch.

As a canine fertility test, your Vaginal Cytology Kit for dogs is useful for timing:

  • When to start natural matings and knowing when to take your bitch to the dog.
  • When to start artificial inseminations with freshly collected semen.
  • When to start progesterone testing for artificial inseminations with chilled or frozen semen.  Save money!  Starting too early costs breeders a small fortune in time, vet bills and unnecessary hormone tests.

Fresh, good quality semen will last up to 6 days inside the bitch, while the eggs are only fertilisable for a small window of opportunity lasting around 3 days (approximately days 4, 5 and 6 after the onset of estrus). This underscores the importance of achieving one or more matings early in estrus.  Late matings when the eggs are tired or dead will lead to very small litters or no litters at all!

Vaginal cytology will tell you when she is ready to take to the dog, thus ensuring you achieve the earlier matings that result in the highest canine fertility and biggest possible litters.  

On its own it does not however tell you exactly when she ovulates nor when her most fertile period is likely to be.  But it will tell you when to start your Progesterone tests to pinpoint ovulation so you don’t waste time and money having useless tests done too early.

Included in your Vaginal Cytology Kit for Dogs:

  1. Educational Video (provided on a thumbdrive) demonstrating how to use the canine fertility test kit, from collecting from your bitch, to preparing and examining the vaginal smear.

Click to Watch the video here at Youtube channel “Dog Breeding”.

2. Full Instruction Manual with colour step-by-step photographs to illustrate every part of the Vaginal Cytology procedure, from collecting the sample, making and dying the slide, examining the slide and interpreting what you see on the slide.

3. Description of Breeding Reflexes you can use to identify the first day of high fertility even without an interested male dog present.

4. Stained Example Slides Set comprising vaginal smears taken at Estrus and Pro-estrus/Di-estrus in my own dogs to make interpretation easier for you.

5. Professional Staining Kit comprising 2 separate staining formulations that should last you for years, plus spray bottle for your self-supplied fixative*.

6. Spare microscope slides, with protective case, to use with samples from your own bitches (they can be reused over and over again).

The proprietary fixative – methanol – is highly flammable and so cannot be posted.  It is also difficult to purchase.  Through trials I have found that acetone (from plain nail polish remover) works great.  Alternatively you can use heat.  All methods are demonstrated on the home canine fertility test kit video and explained here.


Ships promptly by expediated international postage from Australia.  Please allow up to 10 working days to arrive.