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DIY Canine Artificial Insemination – The solution to your dog breeding and mating hassles.


Canine artificial insemination is the sure-fire solution to dog breeding problems arising from mating hassles. And the great thing is that it is easy to learn how to do dog AI in your own home.

No matter what size dogs you have.

No matter if you finished high school or not.

Everything you need to do this like a vet is in our Canine AI Kit including:

  • Full DVD that you can play on any computer or DVD player.
  • All the specialized equipment you need for the job.
  • 18 page Handbook to explain everything you need to know.
  •  This Home Canine Artificial Insemination Kit.
  • Works on all breeds
  • And it Can be reused over and over again

Every dog breeder experiences breeding dog mating behavior hassles from time to time. As a Veterinarian, I’ve seen them all! For example:

* The bitch does not like the dog, or he does not fancy her.

* Dog or bitch is aggressive and they might harm each other.

* The male dog has a low libido.

* The dog or the bitch is inexperienced and just can not get it together.

* Injury (e.g. hips, lameness, arthritis) prevents a natural mating.

Dog breeding problems are sooooo frustrating!  They would make beautiful puppies, if only I could get his semen into her.

Well now you can!


We are located in Australia.  Please allow at least 10 working days for international delivery.

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