Dog Sperm Count Test, Sperm Motility and Sperm Morphology Microscope


Identify male dog fertility problems before they cost you stud fees or litters.  Takes minutes.  Uses just 1 drop of fresh semen.


Dog sperm count test, also does dog sperm motility and dog sperm morphology in minutes at home!

Never be in dark about the fertility of your male dog again.  Only requires 1 drop of fresh semen.

Fantastic dog semen microscope

  • Gives you a perfect view of sperm right up close (I know because this Micra microscope is the one that I use).
  • Also excellent for viewing canine vaginal cytology smears.

Your Dog Sperm Count Test Kit includes:

  • Full Dog Sperm Count, Sperm Morphology and Sperm Motility Tests instruction manual.
  • Full video instructions showing how to collect dog semen (BONUS: Video also shows how to do your own Canine Artificial Insemination!).
  • Fantastic Micra Semen Microscope Kit with pipette, slides and special dog sperm count test chambers.
  • Thermometer to get your semen water bath at the right temperature.
  • 10 ml syringe
  • Semen collection vial (suits medium to small dogs) and sleeves to fit bigger dogs.


Ships promptly from Australia.  Please allow 5 to 10 working days to arrive.

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