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This dog breeding guide ebook shows you how to make a healthy hobby income from just a few pampered pets – while raising the standards for ethical dog breeding.


This dog breeding guide ebook will show you how to make a healthy hobby income from just a few pampered pets – while raising the standards for ethical dog breeding. This is the most qualified instruction on dog breeding available online today.  It distills decades of application of my veterinary knowledge to the experience of running a dog breeding business.hudson


Why drag yourself off to a part-time job you hate when you can earn great money in only a fraction of the hours, doing something you love that truly benefits others?

Imagine what you could do with all that lovely cash, and how you could spend all the extra spare time “working” as a dog breeder gives you.

If you love dogs, adore puppies and enjoy helping people, and want to be recognized as the BEST dog breeder in town, why shouldn’t this be you too?

Do you need to be a Veterinarian to do this? No! Running an ethical, profitable dog breeding business is not rocket science. You can easily learn how if you follow the simple steps I will teach you.

“In fact, I’ll Reveal to You, Step-by-Step, Absolutely
Everything You Need To Know About Starting An
Elite Dog Breeding Business … Without All The Problems.”

kojicThe World NEEDS More Ethical Dog Breeders Like YOU!    
Most information you’ll come across online about dog breeding blatantly discourages you from doing it for a variety of reasons.   Don’t listen to these people!
Ethical dog breeders really and truly care. It is their business to forge permanent, fulfilling relationships between their dogs and their clients, and therefore help people get the most out of owning their dogs.

I am proud to be such a dog breeder and to mentor responsible people like you on how to be the best.

What are your options if you don’t know a lot about dog breeding?

You could become an apprentice with a master dog breeder or take some veterinary courses before starting your own dog breeding business.

Or better yet, find someone who is both a master breeder and a Veterinarian, and who is willing to teach you everything you need to know…
ebook guide: starting a dog breeding business

I’ve put EVERYTHING I learned in 5 years of Veterinary School and more than 24 years as a professional dog breeder into one comprehensive, easy to understand and follow dog breeding guide eBook that covers ALL you need to know to succeed in your dog breeding business.

What that means for YOU is that you get access to good, solid, qualified advice you can trust to really work.  Starting a dog breeding business has never been easier!

Follow a proven system that really works.our-guarantee
With the simple steps in my eBook to guide you, you CAN succeed in your dog
breeding business and have fun doing it, I GUARANTEE IT!
Try it RISK-FREE for 60 Days.
If you don’t believe it can help you to breed dogs successfully then I will refund 100% of your money, guaranteed.

BONUS eBook:  Recording Essentials of Dog Breeding

Knowing the routine care required to manage mating, pregnancy, whelping, and puppy rearing plus what to record and when to record can make the difference between success and crushing failure.


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