The Other 5 Factors Affecting the Price of Puppies

Here are the other 5 things that might be lowering the price of puppies you sell.  (For the first 5, click here).

  1. You’re breeding munted dogs

Sorry for the Aussie slang.  Here in Australia “munted” means damaged or unusable.  How can a dog be “munted”?  To me, as a vet, any breed that is not of a natural healthy and functional dog design is deformed.  In fact, deformities are how many dog breeds got started. And top-end owners feel the same way.  Why?  Because they’ve done their research and are aware that:

  • Squashed faces are associated with health issues like exercise and heat intolerance, or even eyes that are prone to damage or liable to pop out.
  • Short wonky legs are prone to arthritis and ligament issues.
  • Excessive skin predisposes dogs to dermatitis (and they tend to be quite smelly as well).
  • Pendulous ears often sentences dogs to chronic ear infections.
  • Long backs sadly means slipped vertebral discs for affected breeds.

If you want to sell your puppies to smart, conscientious owners for the very top dollar choose a mechanically functional breed.  Or let them know you selectively breed to produce puppies with body parts that work properly.

  1. You’re breeding sick dogs

It shocks me that there are still cruel (or at least ignorant) breeders out there seeking glory in the show ring by line-breeding (inbreeding) till the cows come home.  And of course the archaic Kennel Clubs that reward such irresponsible practices with ribbons in the ring also deserve scorn.

Smart owners want a healthy pup.  They know inbreeding destines dogs to shorter and less healthy lives.  You can do all the genetic screening in the world, but if you’re inbreeding, your pups will still have a high risk of becoming sick dogs.  This is why cross-bred designer dogs are getting such hot prices.  So get with the program and stop inbreeding!  You are not “improving the breed”, you are sentencing them to extinction.

  1. Your puppies aren’t potty trained

It’s within every breeder’s power to turn out toilet trained puppies with minimal effort.  If you want top dollar, you need to rear your pups in a way that works with their natural instinct to toilet outside their den.  Why should the best owners accept anything less?

9. Your puppies aren’t personality matched

The personality of puppies, even full siblings from the same litter, varies a lot.

Look at your own family.

Would you say you have a similar temperament to your siblings?  No….?  Exactly!

Energetic, cheeky puppies suit different owners than quiet, introverted puppies.

If you want the best prices ensure that owners end up with a puppy that is compatible to them and their family.

  1. You don’t support your owners after the sale

A dog’s childhood is over by the time it’s 4 months old.  You’ve got half of it and the new owner has the other half.  And you are the expert here.

So get your bit (the first 8 weeks of the puppies’ lives) right then help your owner get their bit right.  That way, your puppies have the best chance to realize their potential to be wonderful canine companions.  And your owners will be blown away generating valuable word-of-mouth referral sales for you.

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The great news is you can fix all this.  I’m Dr Meg.  I and breeders I’ve mentored have been setting and getting the top price for Miniature Schnauzers in Australia for 20 years.

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  1. Terrry said:

    Curious as to how long you have raised dogs? Since you are offering a “masterclass” one can only presume you consider yourself a “master” dog breeder.

    December 26, 2020
  2. Connie said:

    This all sounds to good to be true!!!!

    October 29, 2020
  3. Frieda Young said:

    Hi I would rather love to visit with you one on one and pay for personal consultation. I liked what I read about puppy prices and advertising on puppy sites. I have Australian cattle dogs and live in Oklahoma. I’ve imported some acds from Australia. Unfortunately many back yard breeders here have junked up our breed and lowered prices. I’m seriously thinking if getting completely out of this “game” Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you. As we speak I am preparing to rehome most of my breeding program. Frieda

    October 29, 2019
    • Dr. Meg Howe said:

      Hi Frieda

      You sound passionate about your dogs :). The great thing is you never have to compete with less committed breeders if you stand out online and become good at communicating the value of your pups. There are a growing mass of fussy buyers looking for the ideal fur-kids. They do their homework but have a hard time of finding the right breeder. I have a Masterclass available that is currently free to attend that shows how to deal with this exact issue. So before you give up and take the drastic step of rehoming your wonderful dogs, give yourself 45 minutes to watch it. You can register for it here:

      All the best

      Dr Meg

      October 29, 2019
    • Tali said:

      It’s not “backyard breeders”, it’s just that people want cheap dogs. The animal shelters have been undercutting us breeders for years and now that they can legally walk in and take top stock and sell it for peanuts, where do we go? Can breeders compete? Not really, at least not us small timers. In order to be competitive you have to own big commercial kennels. I guess that’s where I have to go now, I don’t want to leave the business, but I have to be competitive and this is your customer speaking. I can’t sell a pup worth $2k for $16k… but when I list $800 people buy. The customer is always right as they say.

      November 15, 2020

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