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Brandon Melanese
Awesome Frenchie puppies in CA are us!  Melzano Frenchies is a small breeder of quality French Bulldog puppies located in east San Diego, about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego.

We built our foundation with quality French Bulldogs and breed for quality, not quantity.  We strive to produce happy, healthy, well socialized puppies.  Our puppies are raised in our home and are socialized with people and other pets including cats and birds (parrots). Our French Bulldogs are more than pets, they are our family. In fact, we purchased our home specially for our dogs!

We usually have AKC registered French Bulldog puppies available year-round. Colors will vary by litter, however we raise brindle, fawn, blue, merle, lilac, and blue fawn. All puppies are vaccinated, de-wormed, vet-checked, include AKC registration papers, and a heath certificate.  We breed for temperament, size and overall general health. The babies are raised in our master bedroom from Day 1. The puppies are very socialized and are handled everyday from the day they are born.

Our Commitment to raising quality frenchies extends further than just our breeding program. We want our puppies to be adopted by families who will give them loving forever homes. Our puppies are raised by hand, loved and cared for from the moment they entered this world. Our puppies come home socialized because they grow up with constant human interaction, attention, and affection. You can expect a companion like non other, because we pour our heart and soul into bringing these tiny treasures into the world.

Doreen Stedman
We are ethical breeders of awesome Airedale puppies in PN, USA.

Airedales go back a long way in our family!  My grandparents lived in Pennsylvania and had 17 children, counting grandpa’s 5 from his first marriage. After becoming widowed he married my grandmother; Grandpa and was an avid hunter (likely by necessity with so many mouths to feed!). He hunted bear in Pennsylvania and had 3 Airedales, Pat, Sport and Pooch. From all I've been told they were wonderful dogs with fearless hearts that treed many a bear in those Pennsylvania hills but then I'm sure you knew that they were wonderful when I mentioned that they were Airedales.

I never knew where that first pack of Airedales came from, but I know they started a tradition in my family spanning 5 generations to date with several of my grandchildren also growing up with an Airedale as their family dog.

When I was about 9 or 10 years old and THE dog lover in our family of 7, I begged and pleaded for a dog. After much reasoning on just why we needed a dog, my mother finally agreed saying, "If we get a dog it's going to be an Airedale!" I had no idea what an "Airedale" was but went to the family set of World Book Encyclopedia purchased by my parents from the salesman who had come to the door one day with the promise of the lifetime gift of knowledge that would make their children among the smartest kids in town (of the 5, it worked for 1 – yours truly).

Not only was I the dog lover but also the bookworm of the family and wanted to learn more about this breed of dog I had been told about but never actually seen. To this day I have no idea how, but my father located a litter of Airedale puppies not far from our town that would be ready to go home on Christmas Day! I'm sure you can imagine my level of total happiness and pre-adolescent joy which was quickly replaced with sorrow at the bad news, the puppy would cost $100 which was much too much to spend on just one of the 5 children for Christmas. My father struck me a deal, "you earn $50 and I'll give you $50". I washed cars, swept our garage, cleaned house, babysat and begged. Each time I had money to contribute, I would give it to my father and he would place it in the white envelope clearly and boldly marked "Dodie's Puppy" in the SAFE! The safe was a very sacred place for storing the family valuables and still is although my dad has been gone for over 10 years. This spring, the “safe” will make its’ way to my house and I could not be happier to have this piece of family history. I remember my dad telling me when I was a young adult just how to open the safe, he shared this with me as the most trusted child in the group….I later learned there were 4 other most trusted children with the secret to open the safe and I knew that my dad had the remarkable gift to make each of his 5 children feel like the special one although he loved us all the same.

The day before Christmas, we took the envelope from the safe to count the money. Imagine my disappointment to realize that after much saving and so much hard work, I was about $2 shy of my share; there would be no Christmas puppy after all, no puppy to adorn with a big red velvet Christmas bow, no sweet puppy posing perfectly in front of the Christmas tree for those special pictures. There’d be no rambunctious puppy to run and play with me in the snow. No little puppy to sleep by my bed, to chew on the furniture or to pee on the floor. In our house, a deal was a deal.

My father, my hero, my Korean War hero dad with “USMC” proudly tattooed on his arm, the tough guy being the best dad in the whole wide world, once again came to my rescue, saving his youngest daughter from certain heartbreak by approving the much-needed $2.00 loan! I’m sure I barely slept that special Christmas Eve, not for peeking down the stairs or out of my bedroom window to catch a glimpse of Santa passing in front of the full Christmas moon, but in anticipation of this long-awaited puppy! I had not identified his name, of course you’d have to see him to know; I was certain his personality would reveal the name that was meant just for him. On that crisp western New York Christmas morning my dad and I drove to the farm together in his Blue over white Ford pickup truck, it was a treat to be daddy’s girl and have this special Christmas morning errand to run with him in the truck. When we arrived at the farm on the hill we went to the barn to pick the perfect puppy. Picking the perfect pup was serious business as this pup had to be the best, the cutest and smartest I could find. As adorable puppies scattered about, they all were perfect, but I just knew I would know when I saw “Him”. It turned out the runt found me and came up to me for a pet and a secret look that begged to be taken home.

He was the sweetest, the calmest and most adorable ever! I named him Whiskers and it fit him perfectly! The tiny puppy learned quickly about peeing on the floor and we had some serious discussions about mothers’ expectations. As we grew up together, we spent wonderful days playing and romping in the yard and taking long walks and hikes in the woods. My parents never had to worry about me with Whiskers by my side as he had proven to be my protector and the guardian of our family home. The days turned into weeks and then months and the months to years; Whiskers was my constant and most loyal companion through it all from failed baseball tryouts, to spats with my siblings and boys, Whiskers was always there to listen and to catch a fallen tear. When I was grown, and Whiskers gone from this earth but never far from my heart, I just knew that one day I would have another Airedale Terrier. Of course, when my granddaughter begged for a dog my words to her were, "If we get a dog it's going to be an Airedale!"

I chuckled to myself as she headed off to the modern version of the World Book Encyclopedia, Google…. I recently took a few pictures of a puppy I delivered to my hometown sitting in the same chair where Whiskers cut his teeth so many years ago; the chair still wears those scars from that long ago puppy. I flew that puppy to Rochester and stayed in my mother’s house with him until his family picked him up the next day and relived the joy of seeing a nice young couple experience the elation of receiving that puppy in the same kitchen I had brought Whiskers home to on that long-ago Christmas morning. There were so many memories in that house, when I looked to the backyard I could see Whiskers shoveling the snow with this his nose like a plow and gleefully throwing it to the sky and I was also reminded of the day while my mother was at work and I bathed Whiskers in her special Jean Nate bubble bath and groomed him with her sewing shears - now that would have been a picture to have today! When I got the puppy for my granddaughter I failed to do good research and picked a breeder too fast. I was so excited to present our granddaughter with that puppy that I jumped and found myself holding a tiny puppy who was infested with fleas for the 2-hour drive home. I later found that she was full of parasites and could have become very sick had we not rescued her when we did. I could not get her bathed and to the vet fast enough! As it turned out she is a wonderful dog and our legacy here at Pilot’s Acres.

I vowed then and there that if I ever fulfilled my lifelong desire to breed Airedale Terriers that my puppies would be the best and I would do the absolute best for any puppies produced at Pilot’s Acres and we have done just that. Our pups are sweet, socialized, healthy and clean. We are with them 24/7 with loads of contact and cuddling. For those times we can’t be in the room with them, they are monitored by camera. Our pups are personality tested to match our buyers to the best puppy for each unique circumstance and we remain available to you long after you take that baby home with a return message or phone call typically in less then 30 minutes. Our puppies are part of our family for a lifetime and you can read that in our reviews at Pilot’s Acres on Facebook.

While we continue to improve our kennel and property as well as our genetic lines, some things will never change and that is our dedication to our pups and their families. Visit us at Pilot’s Acres to have a look around or to learn about how to join our waiting list or to find available Airedale pups! We look forward to meeting you!

Fay Dent
Hi, I am Fay and a breeder of fabulous French Bulldog puppies in Brisbane, QLD.

This is how I got started.  Some 50 years ago, (That’s scary) when I was 9, I had a horse, and my Mum said I had to pay for his feed, so I started breeding mice.  I got 60 cents a mouse.  But if I could breed pied balls I could get twice that.  So I put a Brown mouse with a white mouse….but to no avail.  So off to the library I went (No Google back then) to study DNA.  That was it; I was hooked.  Not just on DNA but on the whole miracle of it all. There is nothing more rewarding then helping little souls find their way into the world.

I started A Frenchie Connection breeding French Bulldog puppies to do exactly that:  To Connect People with Frenchies.  I have always loved breeding beautiful, healthy, wanted animals.  Time and time again I heard horror stories of people buying Frenchies and ending up with sick dogs that could hardly breathe.  I looked into breeding healthy Frenchies and to do it ethically is not cheap.  So the dream became “How to connect people to this wonderful dog when it cost so much to breed.”

“So why would you spend so much money on a Frenchie when there are so many other breeds of dogs out there.” If you have to ask me this - it tells me that you have never met one.  All dogs are bred to do something useful; there are dogs that guard or hunt or chase sheep and then there’s Frenchies.  They do none of that, what they will do is make you laugh.  That’s all, Laugh.  But what’s in a laugh.  Research has shown that Stress is one of the biggest killers in our society. If you ask a doctor they will tell you that laughing will cure all sorts of ails and if you talk to a psychiatrist and they will tell you that laughing is the best way to stay sane.  When you look at it that way Frenchies are worth every cent.

People often ask me: “What’s the most important thing in breeding:  Health; Temperament; Conformation?” They’re all important but the very first thing you need is a market. My main goal is to connect my Frenchies with someone who wants to love and look after them.

I’ve met lots of people who would love a Frenchie and would give them the very best loving home but they know that you get what you pay for and so resist the temptation to buy some of these puppy milled cheaper pups.  I give my puppies the very best and therefore they don’t come cheap. So for that reason I have come up with a way to make them affordable to more people.  I breed only for pet buyers not for other breeders.

Instead of people having to come up with the full price before they take the pup I allow people to put down a deposit and pay the pup off at $100 a week.

On top of that, I maintain the breeding rights for the females.  When the pup is old enough I breed her as I would one of my own and I pay for all expenses to do with the breeding.  I will offer them a reasonable payment for every litter we do.  This is a win/win.  I get great forever homes for my girls and so I don’t have to run them in kennels and people who would normally be unable to buy a high quality, well bred Frenchie, now have one running around their back yard.  IT’S ALL ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE CONNECT WITH FRENCHIES

JD Pomskys
JDpomskies are ethical breeders of superior Pomsky puppies IN in Greencastle. We are a small family owned kennel that breed siberian husky and pomeranian hybrid puppies. Our dogs and puppies are family raised and get loads of daily individual attention and training. We breed different generations of Pomskies. Our F1 puppies are from purebred health tested AKC siberian husky dams, and pomeranian sires. Our F2 puppies are from F1 sire and dams. All our foundation dogs are Embark tested and will be OFA screened. We provide a 100% genetic health guarantee on our puppies. JDpomskies comes from a dog training background and it is our firm belief that early socialization and training makes a fundamental difference in the life of a puppy.  Therefore, we provide the option of custom training packages on all our puppies to meet the needs of their new prospective owners. Follow us on facebook to learn more about our program   https://www.facebook.com/JDpomskies

About the Pomsky breed


Pomskies are an endearing breed made from crossing a siberian husky mother with a pomeranian father. This cross results in a miniature husky with a more laid back and trainable personality that makes them suited as ideal family pets. Pomskies come in all shapes and sizes with different coat color and lengths. Pomsky sizes range from medium 15-25lbs to micro sized 8-12 lbs. Their coats come in all different colors  and lengths depending on the parents' traits. But the most fun thing about the Pomsky breed is that you can choose your desired look and size. Wooly coats, blue eyes, plush coats, mini size all white....the possibilities are endless. Below, is an example of a blue eyed wooly coat black and white Pomsky puppy. Follow our page on facebook for more examples of Pomsky puppies  https://www.facebook.com/JDpomskies


JDpomskies breeding goals


Here at JDpomskies we strive to produce not only beautiful Pomsky puppies but also Pomskies with great temperaments and health.We temperament and health test each of our sire and dams before we decide to include them into our breeding program. Each puppy we produce will come with a full genetic health guarantee and we temperament test and personality match each puppy to ensure they will suit our puppy adopter's needs. Our main breeding goal is to provide our puppy owners with a superior puppy that will live a long healthy life and make an enjoyable addition to their families. We provide lifetime support to our puppy families and love regular updates on our past puppies.


Mary Beth Powley - Joyful Havanese Puppies
We breed quality, fun-loving havanese puppies in New York state.  Our pups are full of joy and spunk making you smile just by being with you! We have two studs, a chocolate Irish Pied and a beautiful Red and three dams from Championship lines. We test our breeding dogs to ensure the best will be passed on in our puppies.

The Havanese are a toy breed that are joyful, loving, playful, not yippie, faithful companions! Our name “Joyful Havanese” comes from their dispositions. Our first one made us laugh watching him bounce around our home! They are a small, but sturdy breed, that can be in a family with children and love to play, learn tricks, run in circles, and hop right into your lap for cuddle time!

They are also perfect for apartment living and for those that can’t have a big dog. They have long, soft, flowing hair that is good for those with allergies. That makes them hypo-allergenic and gives those that struggle with allergies a way to have a pet of their own. Take a look at our page and visit us at www.joyfulhavanese.com.

We are ethical breeders, focused on using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own by following these protocols while raising your fur baby.

1. Our puppies are family reared so they will fit in beautifully with your family.

2. They are never inbred, and so are very unlikely to develop genetic illness. In fact, all our puppies come with a Lifetime 100% Money-Back Health Guarantee against serious genetic illness!

3. We do Bio-Sensory with our puppies from days 3-16 days old. We do The Rule of Sevens with our puppies, working with them at this early age prepares them for their future training in whatever you desire your Havanese to be. Be it for your fur baby, therapy dog, agility or obedience winner, and of course the best family pet you could ask for!

4. They are personality tested and matched to your family so it’s a perfect match for you. 5. We get their toilet training off to a great start and our puppies are chew toy conditioned, crate conditioned, and well socialized.

You also get regular photos and videos from me through email so that you can watch the puppies grow from birth up to seven-eight weeks when you can come to pick up your puppy.

Last, but certainly not least, we support our owners throughout the life of their dog. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout their life!

Learn more about Joyful Havanese Puppies:

Find Joyful Havanese Dog Breeder On Facebook
Joyful Havanese Dog Breeder Website

Mary Beth Powley - Old House Labs
I am a breeder of quality labrador retriever puppies in New York state, from field trial, hunting lines. They are from lines that have been tested and tried to produce the best of the breed. These are the cream of the crop!

We are ethical breeders, focused on using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own by following these protocols while raising your fur baby.

1. Our puppies are family reared so they will fit in beautifully with your family.

2. They are never inbred, and so are very unlikely to develop genetic illness. In fact, all our puppies come with a Lifetime 100% Money-Back Health Guarantee against serious genetic illness!

3. We have started to do Bio-sensory and ESI (Early Scent Intro) with our puppies from days 3-16 days old. We do The Rule of Sevens with our puppies, working with them at this early age prepares them for their future training in whatever you desire your lab to be. Be it for your hunting companion, therapy dog, scent detection, agility, obedience, field trials or hunts tests, and of course the best family pet you could ask for!

4. They are personality tested and matched to your family so it’s a perfect match for you. 5. We get their toilet training off to a great start and our puppies are chew toy conditioned, crate conditioned, and well socialized.

You also get regular photos and videos from me through email so that you can watch the puppies grow from birth up to seven-eight weeks when you can come to pick up your puppy.

Last, but certainly not least, we support our owners throughout the life of their dog. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout their life!

To find out more about Old House Labs:
Visit the Old House Labs Dog Breeder Facebook page or go to the Old House Labs Dog Breeder website

Mary Coles - Kiteroa Golden Retrievers
Top quality Golden Retriever puppies in NSW. My puppies are from health tested parents, ANKC registered, microchipped, vet checked and Pedigreed as well as 6 wks PetPlan insurance.

Raised in the family home on acres in rural Hunter Valley.

All puppies come with a folder containing their pedigree, registration, parents papers and health tests, microchip registration, Petplan registration and a lovely puppy pack with most things you will need for you new puppy.

Check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/AwesomeGoldenRetrievers/about/ and website https://kiteroa-golden-retrievers.business.site/

Montclaire Chihuahua Puppies British Columbia Canada
Montclaire are breeders of chihuahua puppies in British Columbia, Canada

Hi, my name is Cathy Wankel and I have been involved with purebred dogs and breeding since 1983.  We started off with Rottweiler and proudly produced dogs with outstanding temperaments and a willingness to please.  We were involved in Pet Visitation, Conformation, Obedience, Carting, Tracking and Search & Rescue.  We loved the versatility that the Rottweilers provided.

When our children were old enough to want to show dogs as well, we added Shiba Inus to our home.  These little dogs taught us a lot.  Basically, they need to be raised the same way we raised our Rotties.  Socialization was key to having a happy and well behaved Shiba.  Contrary to popular belief Shibas can be trained and will walk off leash.  We loved how clean the Shibas were.  They also became better mousers than our cats.

We had to take a break from showing and breeding for a while but found that we couldn’t live without a dog in our lives.  Due to some health challenges I was no long able to lift anything over 10 pounds so this eliminated our Rotties and Shibas.  After some extensive research we fell in love with Chihuahuas and where very happy the day that Parker came to live with us.  Parker stole the hearts of many and was accepted even at events where dogs where not allowed.  Parker is still with us today and has taken on the role of Den Mom.  He consistently makes sure that everyone has their faces washed and that they follow his rules. Years down the road we decided to get back into breeding, unfortunately there are not many breeders that are willing to place their females in breeding homes.  After some extensive searching we ended up purchasing our female, Emma, from Europe.  We purchase our next male and female from Europe as well.

Our puppies are raised in our home in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle.  We are following the same socialization protocols as we did with the Rotties and Shibas.  We still evaluate our puppies to determine their individual personalities and place them in compatible homes.  As with our previous breeding programs we make sure that our breeding dogs have their health and DNA testing done.  Even though we do breed for show prospects and the betterment of the breed, it is equally important to us that our puppies have long and healthy lives.  All of our puppies are microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We offer a lifetime health guarantee for life threatening health defects.

One of the major concerns for new puppy owners is Hypoglycemia.  Hypoglycemia can happen so quickly!  Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the blood sugar level drops to an extremely low level, causing a "sugar attack." When levels of glucose in the blood drop rapidly, the dog's body and brain are deprived of essential nutrients. The results of hypoglycemia can be weakness, seizures, coma, and in severe cases, death. Because Chihuahuas are so small, they can be prone to hypoglycemia, especially when they are very young. Hypoglycemia is usually caused by stress, change of environment, illness, lack of food, or by using up stored energy without it being replenished.

It is important to make sure that young puppies and very tiny Chihuahuas eat regularly throughout the day. Another preventative for hypoglycemia is regular feeding of a high-calorie supplement called Nutri-Cal, available at local pet stores, on-line or through your vet.


Symptoms to look for include vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness, pale to white gums, staggering gait, and refusal to eat. If the dog does not receive treatment for this, the "sugar attack" can progress into the more serious stages of this condition.  Behavior such as inability to hold down food and diarrhea can become progressively worse to the point of seizures, complete unresponsiveness, and even death.


Preventing Hypoglycemia can be done by giving your puppy Nutri-Cal three to four times daily. I find that giving the Nutri-Cal 10 minutes before offering a meal entices the puppies to eat. You may also add a small amount of Karo Syrup (light corn syrup) to his/her drinking water on a daily basis. Treating Hypoglycemia can be a little more difficult. The first thing recommended is rubbing some Karo Syrup on the gums and tongue of your puppy. Once your puppy begins to show interest in his/her food again, I would increase his/her meals to six small meals throughout the day. Hypoglycemia tends to fade off by the time your puppy reaches six months of age.


This information is not intended to replace the advice of your Veterinarian. If you suspect your puppy has become Hypoglycemic, I always recommend to seek medical attention immediately.

Please feel free to follow us on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/puppieschihuahua/

Pomsky Puppies MO
At Whitegate Kennels, we are ethical breeders of Pomsky puppies in Missouri.  We focus on using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own.

    1. pomsky puppies moOur puppies are family reared so that they will fit in beautifully with your family.


    1. They are never inbred, so they are very unlikely to develop a genetic illness. All our puppies come with a Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee against severe congenital conditions!


    1. They are personality tested and matched to your family, so it's a perfect match for you.


We post regular photo or video updates of their progress on our Facebook page to help you through the difficult time of waiting for your puppy to come home. Additionally, we get their toilet training off to a great start. Our puppies are chew toy conditioned, crate conditioned, and well socialized.  We support our owners throughout the life of their dogs. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a solid foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life.


A crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, the Pomsky is a designer mixed breed gaining popularity with dog lovers. A crossing usually consists of a Husky mother and a Pomeranian father. Using special genetic testing, we are constantly fine-tuning our lines to determine appearances and maximize good health and temperament. A relatively new breed, Pomskys come in a range of sizes, including micro (as small as 5 pounds), teacup, toy, and standards that can weigh between 20-30 pounds. Colors vary too, with the traditional Husky black/white/silver combinations or the Pomeranian style sables, chocolates, and even merles. The Pomsky has a double coat that can be described as standard, plush or wooley and needs regular grooming. Known for being intelligent, playful, and energetic, Pomskys need effective exercise. Their temperament depends highly on the parents and the culture they are raised in. They can be outstanding in any home with consistent training, but especially apartments, as they can look like the Husky but be smaller--like a lap dog!


Personally, what I love most about the Pomsky is its variety. While we at the American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC) and Pomsky Owners Association (POA) are diligently working with breeders worldwide to establish the breed standard, Pomskys can offer a wide array of characteristics for people to select from. Unlike other dogs that, while beautiful, pretty much all look alike within a breed except maybe color, Pomskys are far from uniform. They can be big or small, with standard or wooley length coats and more color options than most breeds offer. You can also choose a Pomsky simply for looking more like a traditional (only more miniature) Husky with the masks or more like a larger Pomeranian with tri-color coats and brown eyes. Certain traits are more sought after than others, so they may also cost more than others. When completing our application to become a part of the Whitegate Community, future owners can specify many of these preferences in what they want in their dog, helping them get the Pomsky they want within their budget. And while it is important to us to plan for these variations in size, color, and coats, it is not what we uniquely strive to accomplish.

At Whitegate Kennels, our primary goal is to raise robust, healthy puppies with naturally pleasant temperaments and no genetic defects. To accomplish this, we use genetic testing to plan all our pairings, and we are constantly looking for new qualities and characteristics to add to our line's physical attributes and personalities. Like in humans, there has long been the debate about what is more important in an animal's development, nature or nurture. We believe that we cannot help a dog reach it’s full potential in life independent of either. So while we do the genetic testing to help ensure our puppies' natural physical health, we also focus on nurturing all our dogs, not just the puppies. We actively participate in the Puppy Culture program for raising well-adjusted dogs. It is a complete program of over 50 lessons for dogs and humans from whelping box to furever family, including studies for early neurological stimulation, aggression prevention exercises, potty training, and leash walking. We continuously learn from their top veterinary behaviorists, breeders, and dog trainers - scientifically proven to significantly improve puppies' outcomes!

We love to share what we learn and do for our puppies with the community too. Starting in 2021, we invited the local 4H Dog Project groups to join us in learning how to train and care for their dogs properly using the Puppy Culture program. Young people of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to work with dogs, some for the first time, in a safe, nurturing environment. With strict biosecurity precautions in place, interactions like this allow us to provide multiple socialization opportunities for our dogs without risking the health of the puppies not yet fully vaccinated.

Large or small, standard coat or wooley, Pomskys are a unique breed to the industry with the potential to have some of the best temperaments and highest standards of health and appearance.  With proper genetic testing, quality socialization in the first 12 weeks of life, and the highest standards of care for moms, dads, and puppies, Whitegate Kennels constantly strives to be better than the rest. We provide:

    • Excellent customer service.


    • A lifetime money-back guarantee against severe genetic conditions


    • Lifetime breeder love and support.


Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a solid foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life.

Visit us at Facebook to learn more about our Pomsky puppies in MO

Raven Rock Standard Poodles
Home breeder of exceptional standard poodle puppies in Gaithersburg, MD. Our puppies are healthy, well-adjusted, and excellent additions to families.

They come with AKC registration in the colors of parti, brindle, phantom, sable and solid.

For more information about this wonderful standard poodle breeder in Maryland visit their website.

Rosebull American Bulldogs



Rosebull Kennels breed wonderful American Bulldog puppies in Ontario, Canada.

We love our breed!  American Bulldogs make phenomenal family pets above all else, we have owned them since 1998, we have raised 4 children at the same time.

The American Bulldogs are very people oriented, they are always under foot, following you from room to room, they sleep on the floor of the bedroom at night and always wait to be invited onto the bed in the morning for a hug.

They are easy to train but train them you must. They do not know what behaviour is expected of them, just like the children and we have found that great timing is the key to successful training, you must correct or praise a behaviour immediately. If you do not have dog training skills I recommend hiring a trainer, the experience will enrich your lives. Some people run into problems with dogs but I truly believe that this is not the dogs fault, it is the humans fault, whether that be lack of early socialization (important to buy a puppy from an experienced breeder the prioritizes this) or lack of training and additional socialization after you get the pup, the first 12 weeks are absolutely critical.

American Bulldogs are active when we are active and just lie around all day when we are busy doing something else. They can be easily crate trained and house trained, they do not wander, they go outside, do their business and come right back in.

They are beautiful, they have an incredible presence and it is very fun taking them out for a walk for the first few minutes, they are magnets, people cannot help themselves they stop us constantly and ask us questions about the dogs, this gets crazy after the first few minutes! lol! Some people are afraid and they actually cross the street when they see us coming! If they only knew how wonderful these dogs are.

American Bulldogs are funny, they have individual personalities and gestures, they communicate well for not talking.

American Bulldogs love to play, they love to chase things, balls, frisbees, sticks, empty water bottles, anything really! American Bulldogs, snore, burp and fart, drip water on the floor when they drink, and shed little white hairs all year long! But they also quickly clean up any food spills!

The goal of our breeding program is to produce healthy puppies that get the proper early socialization which make them great family pets.  We are members of the Elite Breeder Formula, we learned from the best on how to make sure our puppies are healthy and properly socialized.

Treat yourself, get an American Bulldog and then spend thousands of hours enjoying their company and admiring their beauty!

rosebull american bulldogs
We bought our first American Bulldog from Mr. John D. Johnson in December 1998 after an AB research trip to Georgia, we had seen an American Bulldog at a dog show in Toronto and become fascinated with these incredible beasts!

Since then bulldogs are our passion, we have become extremely involved in the breed over the years.

We are also both licensed ABRA & NKC judges, and Lance is an EABC judge too.

We also own and operate American Bulldog Resources...  the Olde Bulldogge Breed Association... www.bulldoggeregistry.com, and the American Bulldog Registry and Archives... www.abra1st.com

All of our dogs are registered, have stable temperaments, excellent working abilities and have world renowned pedigrees. We have shipped puppies worldwide and have some of our dogs in the USA, Canada, France, Holland, Reunion Island, Greece, Germany and Czech Republic.


All of our American Bulldog puppies are registered with ABRA, they are vaccinated, wormed and vet checked, all of the shipped puppies will have an International Health Certificate.

All of our American Bulldog puppies are well socialized by our family of six, they live inside the house and we make sure they are exposed to people, animals, sounds and objects, setting them up properly for the rest of their lives!

American Bulldogs make excellent family pets if socialized properly and obedience trained. We highly recommend professional assistance with training. The best online training program that you can start day one with your puppy is http://www.onlinedogtraining.ca

Rebel Rose American Bulldogs
Lance & Lesli Rose
Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
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Call us 905-379-4489 or Email us for more info.

This is a puppy out of Piggy x Oscar!

Sheltastic Shelties of Texas, USA
Our Shetland sheepdog puppies for sale are carefully bred and reared to become happy, healthy pets.

Sheltastic Shelties are proud breeders of small and mini shetland sheepdogs.  We offer sheltie puppies for sale USA wide.

Strut Your Stuff Standard Poodles
Breeding quality Standard Poodles puppies for pets and companionship. My puppies are raised in my home and socialized with grand-kids, grand-dogs and friends. I have a litter to two litters a year. I have Creams, Reds, Apricots, Blues and Blacks in my line.

Visit our website to learn more about this wonderful standard poodle breeder in Colorado, USA.

Tara's Schnauzers
Hi, I’m Tara and we are toy and miniature schnauzer breeders in Tennessee. 

We love Schnauzers - ALL of them.schnauzer-puppies-TN

So we breed: the occasional t-cup schnauzer puppies, mostly toy schnauzer puppies and regular size Miniature Schnauzer puppies.


We love the lush coats and all the colors they come in, from traditional coloring to the merles and even the blue eyes. We’re not snobby, we think they’re all beautiful.


Here at Tara’s Schnauzers we don’t have kennels - the parents to our pups are our pets and live in the home with us. They sleep with us and watch tv with us, go for car rides with us - they are family members. When the puppies come along they get the same treatment - they live in the living room after they are weaned and are the center of attention, with lots of love from family and friends. Those little tails are always wagging.


We are located in beautiful Tennessee, where our Miniature Schnauzers are happy chasing squirrels, watching deer go by and even following the occassional frog around. They get a lot of excercise playing outside and a lot of loves hanging out watching t.v. with us.

I love this breed because they are happy to be outdoors and playing and learning and doing or just as happy to lounge on the couch and watch t.v. with you. They have adorable, expressive faces and loving personalities that make them seem almost humanlike. They adore their people and love to be with you wherever you go, even if it’s just to the bathroom 🙂

In our breeding program we strive for beauty and health in our gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer puppies.

We also strive for amazing pets that make wonderful new furry family members in their new homes.

We have them well on their way to potty training, socialization, crate training and more. And we have partnered with Bella & Baxter online puppy training so that you can keep the training going in your home for the most well-behaved furry family member who is a joy, and easy to have around. I can’t say enough good things about this program - it’s a lifetime membership and I recommend it highly.

Along with all that we also concentrate on species appropriate feeding for health and long life. Carnivores eat raw meat - and dogs are descendants of wolves who get all their nutrition from raw meat, and you can get that same awesome nutrition for your special pet that gives them a strong edge for a long and healthy life.

We believe in keeping the chemicals down as much as we can by keeping  the vaccines to a minimum and one at a time and we use non-chemical wormers too on our babies to help keep their immune system strong.

We offer a Lifetime 100% Money Back Genetic Health Guarantee - and we can do this by making sure our breeding pets are not related. This gives our pups the edge they need for a chance at a strong genetic background that keeps their genes healthy.


For more information, pictures & video go to: https://www.facebook.com/TarasSchnauzers/

True Blue Standard Poodles
Beautiful standard poodle puppies in N.C.

As ethical standard poodle breeders, we strive to ensure our standard poodle pups have the best temperaments, are fun to own and live long, healthy lives.

We are a small breeder of Standard Poodles. Our poodles are our family pets and are spoiled with lots of love and attention. They go on trips with us including errands and they love to take our boys to school and pick them up. They sleep in our bed with us every night. Gypsy will only sleep with mama but Rocco makes his rounds!

We are dog lovers and have had several breeds over the years. Our middle son suffers from allergies so the standard poodle has been a blessing to us! We are fascinated with the breed as a whole. They are incredibly smart and intuitive. They love to run and play fetch and also be challenged with  new tricks. Always so eager to learn and please!